16 Oct 2018 | Insights, Marketing, News

Agency-Client Relationship – Keys To Success

We’ve taken a look at the dynamics of the client/agency relationship and how best to ensure efficiency, return on investment and satisfaction. Know Your Client Any relationship relies on good communication and the relationship between agencies and clients is no different. In order for the agency to work on behalf of a client, the agency …
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17 Jul 2018 | Insights, Marketing, SEO

SEO 2018 – RankBrain and the Return of the Mad Men

“SEO is too important to be left to the SEO department.” – Adapted from David Packard’s legendary quote about Marketing, We know that page speed, dwell time, SERP click-through rate are all important factors for SEO in 2018. Backlinks are still very important and Technical SEO is also essential. So, why are Brand Marketers invading …
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11 Jul 2018 | Insights, Marketing, UX

Conversion Rate Optimisation: Key Approaches for iGaming and Sports Betting

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) can deliver remarkable improvements in the performance of each marketing channel. Ultimately, it delivers revenue growth and increases ROI. Despite the overwhelming benefits, especially in the online betting space, surprisingly the majority of websites do not apply CRO processes to increase revenue. So, how where to begin? Ok, so I am going …
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27 Jun 2018 | Insights, SEO

Structured Data and The World Cup – SEO for Online Sportsbooks

The World Cup is huge for online betting sites. However, we have noticed that a lot of clicks on the organic listings are being dropped by most of the “well-known” betting sites because they don’t have structured data on important World Cup pages. So, we decided to do a bit of research on “world cup odds” …
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25 Jun 2018 | Insights, Marketing

Top 15 Marketing Mistakes Made by Online Betting Sites

As we know, online betting has its quirks. To some professionals who move from another industry into gambling, there can be a steep learning curve. Understanding the marketing mistakes made by online betting sites can help newcomers and industry veterans alike. Here is a list of 15 of the most common mistakes. Top 15 Marketing …
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21 Jun 2018 | Insights

Contextual Betting Widgets for Content Marketing

Contextual betting widgets can be a valuable tool for content marketers in the online betting space. They provide an expedited path to placing a bet and reduce friction in the customer acquisition process.   Contextual Betting Widgets for Content Marketing from Rock Digital   The Boardroom Showdown It’s an experience every content marketing manager dreads. Sitting …
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